Look This Way!

This is one of my spontaneous pieces that I am currently working on, but unlike my spontaneous bread blog I am spending approximately a week on each. It is still unfinished.


My Day Out

So my friend Aaron and I decided to go out on a picture taking day in Seattle. We first went to the Arboretum which I haven't been to since I was a little girl and it was gorgeous. Full of a variety of beautiful trees, pathways over the water, and parks that would of been perfect for a picnic. You also end up walking under the Freeway quite often which is a very strange mix with the peacefulness of the park.

We then moved on to an ice cream parlor called Molly Moons on 45th in Wallingford, which if you have never been you definitely have to try. I discovered this place because of my mom and both her and my favorite is their salted caramel ice cream. They also have flavors such as balsamic strawberry and birthday cake, it is so my kind of place. From there we moved onto Gasworks park which is one of my favorite places to go in Seattle, and im there quite often. It has a huge rolling hill over looking Lake Union and downtown Seattle where we watched the sunset.

We ended the day visiting the troll that lives under the bridge in Freemont because my friend had never seen it before. The troll is a huge cement sculpture that holds a real vw bug that lives under the bridge.

All in all it was an amazing day and reminded me how much I truly love this city. I also got alot of inspiring photos that will help me to continually push my illustration work.


My New Site

I am completely redesigning my website Tiphoni.com. The above images are a sneak peak at the new site. Im really excited about it, it's my first trial into webdesign using flash as opposed to CSS and HTML which I am very familiar with. Its been fun cause with flash I have a lot more freedom to play with my work and how the user will interact with my site. Its also been a huge struggle cause I feel like I'm teaching myself as I go, and flash / actionscripting is highly confusing. Im not quite sure when I will have the site done but I will keep my site posted with updates of my status.


Chili Paste with Holy Basil

Today was a wonderfully relaxing day. I spent most of the day organizing my studio room, Im quite excited I love my new house. I have so much space to utilize. I have 2 huge tables in the middle of my room for drawing on one side and "office-y" stuff on the other, or to have friends over to draw with. I set up a little sewing area in the open closet. I dont really sew but I do have a machine and lots of fabric so Im hoping I will start to now that I can have it all setup and ready to use. There is a large work in progress (approx 4' x 8') I have tacked to my wall so when I have alot of energy I can work on that. And I even have a super comfy couch in the corner with plenty of floor space in front where I belly danced tonight. And that's merely one room out of my entire house! The rest I'm still setting up, but I've waited to get to do this since I was a little girl.

However my camera situation is not very good at the moment so all I could do was take a picture from my computer. I promise to post more later! (oh and Chili Paste with Holy Basil was what I had with dinner tonight, it was very tasty)


Prints Now on Etsy!


 I am now selling prints of my journal pages on etsy. Go check it out!


Spontaneous Bread is Now Live!

I just created a new blog where I will be posting a drawing on a daily basis. Each drawing will be spontaneous and take approximately thirty minutes. I hope everyone enjoys! www.spontaneousbread.blogspot.com


A New Beginning!

I know that I haven't been very diligent at upkeeping my blog in the past but I've gotten a new excitement and am going to be putting in a lot more effort from this point on. I'm revamping everything, and will be publishing an additional blog in the next couple days called "Spontaneous Bread" which will feature a daily drawing by me. I am also working on a completely new website for tiphoni.com which I am very excited about. I'm still working out a lot of kinks, and teaching myself flash / actionscripting in the process, so Im not exactly sure when I will be able to get it up and running, but I will keep you posted.

As for me I actually have moved back up from Portland, 6 months after moving down there. Portland is an amazing city but it took me moving down to realize how much of a Seattle girl I am. I've always had a adventurous spirit and thought I would really enjoy experiencing something completely new, but I surprised myself how much I missed being close to family and friends and having that sense of "home." I am now renting this super quirky house nestled back in the woods, 7 minutes from my wonderful parents and 10 minutes from downtown Seattle, its perfect. I feel like I finally have the space to be an artist.

Thank you all for having patience with me, I'm still trying to figure out all this life and after college stuff :)