No Love

So this is my first project from my glass class and my first tshirt I have printed in my other class (which is a tshirt silkscreen class). The glass people were supposed to be a sculptural interpertation of the tshirt design. These are my main characters in the comics I have been developing. I had absolutely no idea how the glass people would turn out. At first I was extremely frustrated and dissapointed because they just looked like lumpy blobs. But once I added the eyes they seemed to gain the life that I had been looking for and they became something more than I was expecting (plus they're fun to play with :)

Glass Sculpture

So I am at the tail end of wintersession and I had decided to take a glass class. It has been interesting, hard and demanding but also greatly rewarding. It has been exciting because I have never done anything like this before and it is so cool (and a little scary) to work with hot molten glass. I will post later my final projects for this class, but these are just some drops that we had to make for the first assignment.