My Thoughts and Inspirations

So I went to a club party / sculptural environment last night on Capitol Hill called the Zodiac party (unfortunately I do not have pictures because it was too dark). It was a small space consisting of mainly a dance floor, bar area and 4 or 5 booth table areas. What was really cool is the person who invited me to come actually created along with a group of artists a bunch of paper-mache "capricorns," floating planets, and had these really cool laser cut wood coasters for everyone to use. Why I am writing about this on my blog is because getting to be a part of a artistic and social event like this was extremely inspiring. The idea of creating an artistic space for people to come and have an experience that you create for them I think would be an incredible art form. It would be an opportunity to have people be fully immersed in your artistic creation and to experience not just mentally but physically as well, to get completely lost in your work mind body and soul. Most of my work is still very much on paper right now (except a few dabbles in clay / toy making), but this excitement for doing fully immersive 3D interactive work is always in the back of my mind and I know some day, hopefully soon, it's going to become something of a reality.


My Belated Christmas Comic

This is a comic I drew for my family and friends this year, which is why I'm posting this so late to keep the surprise.

My Belated Christmas Comic, part 2


Happy New Decade!

Sorry for the length of my absence, but I'm back and ready to start my blog again!