Moved to Portland

I'm currently sitting here in my new studio apartment in downtown Portland. Im super excited to be down here as there really seems to be a greater communty of artists doing the genre of work that I do or would like to be doing more of (independent zines, comics, illustration). Im still working on another big piece that is similar to the piece I published in the last post while journalling up a storm as always. Im also working on getting more of my art on my website since I've been slacking a little in the adepartment.


Imaginary Civilizations Show

This is my newest piece that I completed for the "Imaginary Civilations" Show at the Pony Club in Portland, OR, curated by Theo Ellsworth. I sat down to do this piece in October as the first large work that I would spend more then 1 or 2 weeks on, like I did in School. Im excited cause I feel like this is a new beginning to a much larger body of work.


Now on Etsy!

Hey everyone, sorry Its been since October since I've posted but Im going to start posting more often again. I just recently got all my remaining felted creature necklaces on etsy for sale, www.tiphoni.etsy.com . I am going to be putting more necklaces as well as original drawings and other random things up there, so check back often! Also I just posted a new frontpage for Orangebusstudios.com com, go check it out!