So this is a crazy eggplant that me and my mom found at the Issaquah Saturday Market and I just had to buy it because it was so cute! I mean what eggplant has a nose?? Right now I am still hard at work on websites and on felted creatures and necklaces for ArtFiberFest, can't wait till next week!


Felted Necklaces!

Here's a sneak peek at the next thing I was working on. I found these amazing orange balls of coral at the Seattle Gift show and was inspired to make some felted creature necklaces. This is my first attempt, I'll be playing with these for a while but I plan to have a few for sale at ArtFiberFest coming up.


New Stamps!

I have been working hard all month and my new stamps are finally here! I hope you enjoy them, I really enjoyed designing this line. I have found myself really inspired by illuminated manuscripts at late and you will see this reflected in some of my work.


Starting Again

Ok I am home and graduated from RISD and I'm ready to start up this blog again. This summer I have been working hard on lots of websites, which has been really fun but hasn't left me the time I thought I would have for doing zines and comics. I have been trying to get myself to draw more again and I am calling this summer as my "break." Here is a sketch I did at a coffeeshop yesterday, I am getting very excited by character design at the moment.


So Sorry!

I am so sorry that I started this blog and haven't posted anything! Starting in June (once I am gradutated) I am going to be really using this every week at least, so don't give up on me I just have be super hectic with trying to live two lives as a college senior and a webdesigner/teacher/illustrator. Anyways, talk to you soon, I promise!


No Love

So this is my first project from my glass class and my first tshirt I have printed in my other class (which is a tshirt silkscreen class). The glass people were supposed to be a sculptural interpertation of the tshirt design. These are my main characters in the comics I have been developing. I had absolutely no idea how the glass people would turn out. At first I was extremely frustrated and dissapointed because they just looked like lumpy blobs. But once I added the eyes they seemed to gain the life that I had been looking for and they became something more than I was expecting (plus they're fun to play with :)

Glass Sculpture

So I am at the tail end of wintersession and I had decided to take a glass class. It has been interesting, hard and demanding but also greatly rewarding. It has been exciting because I have never done anything like this before and it is so cool (and a little scary) to work with hot molten glass. I will post later my final projects for this class, but these are just some drops that we had to make for the first assignment.


New Blog

Hello everyone!! I finally have set-up a blog! The problem with being a web designer is I never have time for my own sites. But I wanted to have a place online where I could posted current things I am working on or doing incase anyone was interested because I just don't have the time to update my own sites as frequently as I would like.